doBandup – Rock On

By Hitman47, 11th November 2008

doBroadband, powered by Telkom set up a nationwide competition to gather the best music talent and start a band. The competition ran for 5 weeks. We started with 20 and ended with the band of 5 musicians. While the contestants were in the house, viewers could see LIVE video streaming, of the going’s on, from doBroadband. Each week, the “viewers” voted, online, for their favourite muso to stay. The doBandUp section, has a picture gallery, video feeds and compilations of the live gigs.

Client: doBroadband.
Date: November 2008
Contribution: Design, Functionality, Actionscript, FMIS, Forms and validation.

Unfortuntely, the competition is closed, so some of the content is unavailable.


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