iWYZE Newsletter Template

11th Aug 2016

As with the iWYZE Multisite, the newsletter needed to be brought in-line with the latest brand updates. e-Mailers are generally tricky as they are viewed on multiple devices, applications and getting them to display correctly on all of them is a challenge. Michelle, from ThriveOnline, cam up with the concept and did the design. I […]

Telkom Investor Relations

13th Oct 2012

Telkom wanted an Investor Relations iPad, iPhone and Android application. These serve the purpose of informing shareholders of any SENS announcements and a place to have the latest financial results at their fingertips. The app gets an updated look and functionality at least once a year. You can get it from the iStore or on […]

Telkom e-News

11th Oct 2007

This flash electronic news letter’s primary objective was to inform Telkom’s 33000 staff of company developments, news and the progress of community projects. It was first only intended for Telkom Managers, Executives and Group Executives, but was later rolled out to all staff. The news letter, being in flash, made it almost impossible to forward […]