Data Hygiene System

By Hitman47, 11th Aug 2016

“Hello, how are you today? We have this amazing offer just for you…” We have all had those annoying marketing calls or “Switch to XYZ company and you could get 5%* discount on your next..” irritating SMS’s and spam mail that fills our inbox. Our client needed to manage their suppliers and complaints, at a national level, in a single place.

The Data Hygiene System was created just for that purpose – to stop our top fintech client from irritating it’s large customer base, manage suppliers, their affiliates and customer complaints.

Admin users can monitor feedback on customer complaints, track the escalation progress, log complaints on the customers behalf and see which suppliers were delivering the most leads and least complaints. Suppliers login and upload their prospective leads, which are then run through the system, de-duped against multiple sources and then sent back to the supplier for them to action.

The system is evolving and we are adding new functionality and improving on it daily.


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